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5 Synergism of electronic modulation and geometric architecture: bimetallic phosphide heterostructure on nickel foam for efficient water splitting Kai Chen, Yong-Hua Cao, Gyu-Cheol Kim, Chiyeop Kim, Sunny Yadav, Vandung Dao, In-Hwan Lee*, Adv. Compos. Hybrid. Mater., 2024

IF: 20.1 (JCR Top 1.8%) 


Publication date: 09 April 2024

4 Accelerating photoelectrochemical CO2RR selectively of C2+ products by integrating Ag/Pd cocatalysts on Cu/Cu2O/CuO heterojunction nanorods Periyayya Uthirakumar, Hoki Son, Vandung Dao, Yeji Lee, Sunny Yadav, In-Hwan Lee*, J. Environ. Chem. Eng., 2024

IF: 7.7 (JCR Top 10.9%)

Publication Date: 11 March, 2024

3 Enhanced Quantum Efficiency of Horizontally Aligned Individual InGaN/GaN Nanorod LEDs by Self-Assembled Ag Nanoparticles Taehwan Kim, Periyayya Uthirakumar, Yeong-Hoon Cho, Ki Hoon Nam, In-Hwan Lee*, Appl. Surf. Sci., 2024

IF: 6.7 (JCR Top 2.4%) 


Publication date: February 15, 2024

2 Pt Single Atoms Supported on Defect Ceria as an Active and Stable Dual-Site Catalyst for Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Vandung Dao, Giovanni Di Liberto, Sunny Yadav, Periyayya Uthirakumar, Kai Chen, Gianfranco Pacchioni, In-Hwan Lee*, Nano Letters, 2024

IF: 10.8 (JCR Top 10.3%)   


Publication date: January 19, 2024

1 Enabling Localized Surface Plasmon Emission from InGaN/GaN Nano-LEDs Integrated with Ag/SiO2 Nanoparticles Taehwan Kim, UthiraKumar Periyayya, Yeong-Hoon Cho, In-Hwan Lee*, ACS Photonics, 2024

IF: 7.0 (JCR Top 12.5%) 


Publication Date:January 12, 2024

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